Sunday, 7 February 2016

Lake Kerkini - part 2

1st - 4th February 2016

On our second full day we decided to explore the hills to the north towards the Bulgarian border. The weather was excellent and the plan was to drive high enough to be able to scan the surrounding hillsides for Rock Partridge, a species John and I had never seen before. Despite climbing high into the hills we were out of luck but we knew it would be a long shot. We did see Sombre Tit and Cirl Bunting and large flocks of Chaffinches but little else. After coffee we drove back towards the lake to explore a different part of the shoreline.We were particularly keen to find the flock of Lesser White fronted Geese which regularly winter there. We found flocks of White fronted geese but they were too distant to positively identify any Lessers. There were plenty of other species on or around the lake though.
White tailed Eagle


Pygmy Cormorants

Great White Egret


Golden Eagle mobbed by Hooded Crow

Hen Harrier

Little Owl, familiar sight around the village at dusk


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