Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Flaming June

Eastern Rock Grayling

Long tailed Blue

Latticed Brown

Well camouflaged Moth

Close up, probably Willow Beauty

Spot the insect ! This fascinating insect is a Mediterranean slant-faced Grasshopper, although this one has quite different markings to the ones in Turkey.

Sling tailed Agama

Monday 28th June 2010

Spent the last couple of days in the Tame valley looking at Damselflies and Fish mainly which seem unaffected by the heat. The Black headed Gulls continue to prosper, sadly at the expense of the former Common Tern colony. An elusive Mandarin duck is still commuting between the various pools on the Water Park and there have been sightings of Mediterranean gull but as yet both species remain unticked as far as I'm concerned. Counted 114 Mute Swans from the hide at Coton but be warned long trousers are essential as the vegetation and bugs threaten the unwary birder.
Had 2 interesting visitors to the front garden last evening. A pair of Red legged Partridge wandered about unconcerned by passing traffic. I tried to take a few Blog shots through the window in the gathering gloom. I wrestled with the controls of my Canon to get the perfect shot through the front window only to find there was no card in the camera. Now when was the last time that happened?

Apologies for dragging out more Cyprus stuff but it may more interesting to some than views of Swans on Coton pools or Blanket weed on Cliff pool.

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