Friday, 14 December 2012

Probable Ferruginous x Pochard hybrid ID

14th December 2012

OK So why isnt this an adult female Ferruginous Duck? I have to admit I was too busy taking photos to study the bird in the field or rather on the water, but that's modern Birding for you. Is it possible to be a good birder and a bird photographer? Many would argue not.
Anyway this duck, on first view the forehead does look too much like a pochard or a Ski jump but at some angles the slope between forehead and bill is less continuous and several other features look good for Ferruginous,at least according to The Collins guide. I think the Ferruginous dominant genes outnumber the Pochard dominant genes. I'll leave to the experts for the final analysis though.


  1. Hi Bob all the images I've seen seem to confirm a hybrid the head shape & bill look more Pochard like also the Iris appears to be red (suggesting a male not female bird?)Be interesting to see the wing pattern!!


    1. Cheers Dave,just trying to answer a few questions as I cant remember having seen a bird quite like this before.

  2. Hi Bob, it's great to keep up to date on the local birding scene and to do so I regularly read your blog. Although we are 4,500 miles away your words and photos remind of cold winter days around the North Warwickshire sites.

    I should have started my own blog as soon as we arrived here. We have been in our new home for two years now and my Pakistan List stands at 318. The address for my blog is:

    Have a great Christmas and a bird-filled New Year!

    Steve N.