Sunday, 16 December 2012

Tame valley fodder

Saturday 15th December 2012
Met up with 'the boys', by chance I might say and, well I say boys but theyre crackin on a bit nowadays. Anyway we had a bit of a poke around Lea Marston before moving on to the cafe at Middleton where 'the boys' tucked into hearty platefulls of fried delights. I didnt join them, my Pork pie was cooling in the boot of the car to be consumed later in the day when the pace of Tame valley birding dropped a little.
After lunch it was on to Dosthill lakes, very different from earlier in the week as the water was now completely free of ice. The Ferruginous x Pochard hybrid was still there as was the Long tailed Duck.
Long tailed Duck, Dosthill lake, Warks.
Long tailed Duck
Long tailed Duck
Long tailed Duck

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