Wednesday, 4 May 2011

All in a day's Birding

Sedge Warbler, Kingsbury Water Park

Sedge warbler
Wednesday 4th May 2011

Did the Drayton Bassett loop trail today venturing tentatively into Staffordshire as there aint much wader action at the Fisher's Mill end. Met up with Keith Wimbush and Ron Thomas and together we scanned the north pools. Viewing was difficult mid morning but we did find a single Wood Sandpiper lingering and a couple of Common Sandpipers to go with the 3 at Cliff pool, Kingsbury. I carried on round the loop trail and met up with Keith and Ron at the Courtyard Coffee shop later.

It was when I returned to the car, parked in the car park, that the fun began. I was sitting in the car deciding whether to eat my Beef Pasty, bought earlier from Gales pie shop in Atherstone, there and then or whether to move on to a venue with a better view to enjoy said pasty. While I was pondering a rather large BMW pulled into the car park and heads in my general direction. It was one of those situations where you just knew what was going to happen from a long way off. The BMW started to turn to park next to me. 'Shes going to stop and back up, she'll never make it on that lock'. 'She got to stop'. I just sat there, and waited. Crunch - as the BMW got cosy with my Skoda. I thought posh cars had posh braking systems and didnt need to use the cars of ordinary folk as buffers. Having re-designed my door panels profuse apologies followed and particulars were exchanged amicably.

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