Saturday, 17 September 2011

Seabirds in the Strangest places

Shag, Stoneydelph, Tamworth, Staffs.


Saturday 17th Sept. 2011

The nearest, or at least the easiest to get to M and S to Jan and I is now at Tamworth. So news that a young Shag had turned up in Stoneydelph fitted in well with Jan's plans for a bit of Saturday afternoon shopping. Finding the shops was easy but finding the pond the Shag had chosen to hold up at was a nightmare. Anyway we got there in the end thanks to to guidance of TP and dozens of locals braving the heavy downpours. The bird was on a grassy bank next to the pond surrounded by Swans and Ducks. As I approached a couple of ladies were bearing down on the bird with armfulls of bread for the ducks. I quicked my step and managed to intercept them before the feeding frenzy began explaining my interest in the unusual visitor. They graciously moved further along the bank to scatter their bread, taking the ducks with them.

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