Monday, 12 March 2012

Yellow browed Warbler in Worcester

Sunday 11th March 2011
A phone call from Steve Haynes had me scuttling around Nuneaton on Saturday to catch a lift to Worcester. A Yellow browed warbler had been found on the outskirts of Worcester and with things seemingly quiet locally and with YBWs being a very scarce visitor to the West Mids it was well worth seeing. When we arrived on site there were a handful of birders spread out along a stretch of cycle track where the bird had been seen last an hour or so ago. The track was lined with hedges and trees providing corridors for birds to move along. The bird proved to be very elusive in these hedges and it was some time before it was seen again and then only briefly. Eventually though it gave itself up but was constantly on the move and never easy.
Monday 12th March
Spent virtually the whole day at Whitacre Heath N.R., Ladywalk N.R. and Middleton Lakes. Saw a good selection of birds but only a fly over Curlew at Ladywalk could be described as out of the ordinary.

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