Saturday, 22 June 2013

Melodious Warbler in Notts.

Having spent the morning looking round furniture shops the excuse of a Midlands 'tick' was a good   escape route to to the countryside, even if it did involve a bit of a drive to North Notts. As I arrived at midday many birders were leaving, not a good sign. In the event the bird became very elusive in the afternoon. At this point everyone was happy they were getting glimpses of an Icterine warbler and certainly in the brief views I got it was impossible to study the primary projection. I assumed the the bird had been IDed on song and that the 'showing well' people had good visual confirmation. Certainly the song was an unfamiliar sound in the English countryside and for me the most interesting part of the whole experience. The bird sang in a plantation of young Conifers often quite close, usually staying low but occasionally glimpsed flitting through the top of the Gorse and even more occasionally at the top of one of the small pines.

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