Friday, 6 June 2014

Spectacled Warbler and Red backed Shrike

Thursday 5th June 2014
After having a few 'things to do at home' days. I decided on a day out in Norfolk. I'd seen Spectacled warbler before in Suffolk but a very long time ago, so that would be the starting point of the day. After a walk along the sea wall at Burnham Overy I reached the dunes and a small group of Birders focussed on a strip of low vegetation. After a couple of false alarms the bird was finally pinned down but it was some time before I got a good view let alone a picture.  The weather had deteriorated to a fresh wind and steady drizzle. Not your ideal conditions for warbler watching, but as the bird became more predictable it was possible to get a few images.
Spectacled warbler, Burnham Overy

Spectacled warbler
With the skies brightened I checked my pager. OMG Red backed Shrike at Ladywalk N.R., a county 'tick' on my doorstep. Decisions had to be made, with the sun coming out there was the prospect of some decent photographs of the Spectacled warbler and the thought of a long drive and rush hour traffic... But a Warwickshire 'tick', and daylight wouldn't be an issue. Go for it. After the expected tortuous drive I arrived at Ladywalk with the male Red backed Shrike still on the same tree stumps. What a cracking looking bird, outstanding and well worth the 'twitch' from Norfolk. Thanks to Dennis W. for keeping me informed.
Red backed Shrike, Ladywalk N.R.
Red backed Shrike
Red backed Shrike

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