Friday, 2 January 2015

Birds of the Western Palearctic in 2014 - stretching the limits.

Friday 2nd January 2015
A final look back at the birds of 2014. I've been lucky enough to be able to visit the extreme limits of the Western Palearctic region this year in my quest for birds. The Ural mountains of Russia in the East and the Cape Verde Islands in the South West. Both trips involved a certain amount of discomfort in the form of sea sickness and barely adequate camping arrangements but to be fair a degree of discomfort is necessary in the search for some of the rarest birds to be found in Europe, and the weather was great everywhere so can't complain really. Anyway I achieved a personal milestone in seeing 700 Western Palearctic species.
I've selected a Top Ten of my favourite images collected on these trips plus a couple of holiday 'snaps'.
Red billed Tropicbird, Cape Verde Islands

Grey Hypocolius, Kuwait

Great spotted Cuckoo, Cyprus

Afghan Babbler, Kuwait

Red footed Falcon, Cyprus

Lanceolated Warbler, Russia

Persian Wheatear, Kuwait

Alpine Swift, Cyprus

Black Redstart -  Kuwait

Whiskered Tern, Cyprus

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