Monday, 23 February 2015

Shopping or Birding

Monday 23rd February 2015
I don't mind taking my wife shopping in Tamworth, no I really don't. While Jan sorts out what she wants to buy and take back to M&S, I can go and do a bit of Birding. Today the Birding wasnt that exciting but still a dam sight better than traipsing around looking vaguely at clothes designed to make you feel, smart, with it etc. Anyway I went for a stroll round K.W.P. A couple of Oystercatchers were on the pontoon at Broomey Croft. Looking like a couple of doormen at a fashionable London store.
Oystercatcher,Broomey Croft

Didn't really see anything of note on the other pools before I was heading back for the shops and then home. After lunch I was pondering my next move when I got a text from Steve H. He had just found a drake Mandarin at Ladywalk. So, that was the afternoon sorted. All those essential jobs I was going to do would have to wait another day. From Hide B the Mandarin was on the far shore, asleep and facing away. Not very impressive to say the least. Eventually though, during a heavy shower all the Mallards and the Mandarin took to the water and showed well. The group seemed unsettled for some reason and after a few minutes flew to land on the river near the Bittern Hide.

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