Sunday, 24 May 2015

Ifs, buts and maybes.

Working through a weeks photos there are always the goodies you can't wait to publish, the majority of out of focus rejects and a couple that get you reaching for the reference books.With proper research reality takes over from fantasy in most cases anyway. I have 2 birds I'm still not sure about. The quality of the images and the visability of the key ID features is crucial and unfortunately because of distance, etc. etc. these are not clear images. See what you think.
Shrike spp.
Shrike sp
Shrike sp
Shrike sp
Best bet is probably an adult female Red backed Shrike but 1w female Isabelline (dark tailed variant) had to be considered.

This bird popped up as I was trying to get a decent shot of the Shrike. So unfortunately I didn't give the bird the attention it deserved. Bigger than the House Sparrows around and the shape of the supercilium and 'hefty' bill suggesting Rock Sparrow?

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  1. Hi Bob, your shrike is indeed an adult female red backed, whilst the sparrow is a female house. The flanks and undertail coverts are unmarked and there is no dark patch around the ear coverts. Cheers, Dan