Sunday, 22 November 2015

Short eared Owls

Sunday 22nd November 2015

Put in a few hours at various sites trying to see one of the Short eared Owls that have arrived in Warwickshire recently. Yesterday I got my first sighting in the failing light at Coleshill Quarry with a Barn Owl in same area.Up to three SEOs had been reported earlier. So today I set out again, it was a long wait with no Stonechat to keep me amused. Raven was seen and there was Green Sandpiper and Grey wagtail on the Whitacre Severn Trent site. Eventually though patience was rewarded with an excellent display from 2 Short eared Owls and a Barn Owl. Well worth waiting for. Not the best image you'll see but better than nothing, just.

Short eared Owl, Coleshill Quarry

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