Thursday, 19 November 2015

Exploring North Warwickshire's Docklands

Thursday 19th November 2015

I've been unavailable for Birding due to injury the last couple of days but I pronounced myself fit for some light Birding today and thought I'd have a look at some of Warwickshire's little known Docklands. Dock, as in dead plant stems, much loved by wintering Stonechats and passage Whinchats as perches. Patches of Docks occur on rough ground along the flood valley of the river Anker between Nuneaton and Alvecote. Today I started at Mill pool, Alvecote where a pair of Stonechat were in the 'Dock field'. There was also a light phase juv.Common Buzzard trying for all the world to look like a Rough legged Buzzard, particularly with a striking dark terminal tail band. I also checked out the Canada goose flock but could only find 4 Greylags.....but hang on. Walking back past Teal pool there were the 2 Pink footed geese.Still in residence but keeping themselves to themselves.
In the afternoon I checked the Dock fields along the river at Caldecote but there was nothing of note  and no finches to be seen on Leathermill lane.

Common Buzzard, Alvecote pools

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