Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Search for a Water pipit

Tuesday 8th Nov 2016

News that a Water pipit had been found at Draycote Water by John Judge and Bob Hazel brought about a rapid change of plans.I headed off to Draycote. One or two birders were checking through the numerous Meadow pipits along Farborough bank but none had seen the bird since the initial sighting. I was joined by JJ. We scanned the shore line but with no luck. 12 Whooper swan flew through and John picked up a Knot at the elbow. I carried on towards Toft before I got a call from John saying that Bob H had refound the Water pipit near the Wind surfing area. By the time I got round there they had lost sight of it again. There was no sign as I joined in the search again.
After a coffee and a P, I decided to check out Farborough bank again, by now the light was going but the bird had to be somewhere. Should I check out the 'windsurfing shore' one more time? Bingo, there it was, pretty much were it had last been seen. A satisfying conclusion to a good few hours Birding.
Whooper swans, Draycote Water



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