Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Waxwings - the gathering

3rd January 2017

News that the lone Scout Waxwing had been joined by 18 other members of its flock warranted another visit to the Triumph factory, Hinckley to check the score for myself. In fact the score was Waxwings 23, Birders 1. Unfortunately the gloomy weather didn't do them justice so I moved on to stretch my legs on the Caldecote trail. I counted 77 Fieldfare on the meadow but little else. I looked for a Pine Bunting along the hedges but couldn't even find a Reed Bunting. No sign of any Stonechats and only a single Meadow pipit.

Waxwing, Hinckley. (taken Yesterday)

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  1. Hello Bob. My name is Rachel Parrish, I'm a reporter at The Hinckley Times. We'd love to use a photo of the Hinckley waxwing - would give you a photo credit of course. Any chance you could get in touch? My direct line is 01455 891205 or email rachel.parrish@trinitymirror.com would love to hear from you (am interested in trying to spot the waxwings myself) Rachel