Friday, 12 January 2018

Review of 2017 - Part 2, Warwickshire mainly

Friday 5th January 2018

A quietish year for Western P. Birding and Twitching with only 1 species, Amur Falcon, added to my National list and a holiday in Madeira producing a couple of new birds for the Western P. list.
A great year locally though, despite missing out on Richards Pipit only a few miles from Home.
 I've spent an increasing amount of time on local sites which has proved rewarding and quite satisfying.
         Despite having a poor year for waders at Draycote and the Tame valley my total number of species seen within the current Warwickshire boundary is still the 5th best County total recorded since I started County listing in the year 2000. The highlight was undoubtedly the Lesser Yellowlegs but the Draycote Razorbill wasn't far behind with Dartford Warbler and the Tundra Bean goose making a quartet of 'ticks'.
The final total for the year was 157. Well short of my record year of 2010 when 182 species were seen in the County,which represented 88 %  of the species recorded in the Warwickshire that year.

A few 'good'  Warks, birds not included in part 1 of the review.

Waxwing, Rugby

Bean Goose, Nuneaton

Whitefronted Goose, Middleton

Distant Merlin, Warton

Hawfinch, N.Warks

Red necked Grebe, Draycote Water

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