Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Phantom Moth Knicker strikes again


Red Underwing

Oak Bush Cricket

Brown Argus




Tuesday 18th August 2009

A visit to Draycote was long overdue, so with camera loaded and bins at the ready I travelled over with John Smart a long time birder and short time moth-er. Our first scan of the cafe produced a Lime speck Pug but as John got his eye in he quickly found a cluster of Flounced Rustics and a Red Underwing plus an as yet unidentified Pug. There were also a couple of Oak Bush Crickets which were new to me. They were having a bit of a Wasp fest at the caterers so we set off to trek to the valve tower to check out the bird life. About 30+ House and Sand Martins were feeding in Rainbow corner and the single Goosander was having a kip near the inlet. There was no sign of a Shag at the Valve tower so we moved on. The meadow next to the treatment works was full of Butterflies including Brown Argus. We refused to use the new boardwalk as a dignified protest against Severn Trent's lack of vision and total disregard for real conservation.
It wasnt until we had almost completed the circuit that we spotted a Turnstone and then a juvenile Ruff but there was no sign of anything else, even Common Sandpipers. John and I enjoyed a coffee back at the ex-cafe and picked up a bit of goss about a mystery moth potter,
actually there was no mystery about it. You see I know ! Could I ask people not to remove moths from the cafe walls. Leave them for everyone to enjoy.Thanks.

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