Monday, 28 September 2009

Pie talk

Monday 28th Sept. 2009

In response to a comment made by my good friend the Earl Gray I should inform him that Pork pies became extinct on the Orkney Isles around 1800. Largely due to the increasing popularity of Sheep based products amongst the indigenous population. There are, I believe small numbers of feral pies on North Ronaldsay thought to have originated from escaped lunches of pioneering Leicestershire birders. There have also been ill-fated re-introduction schemes organised by well meaning Pie conservation organisations in the early 1900s. Such schemes were not well thought out and most of the pies were eaten well before they reached Scotland. Many pies were ambushed in an area now known as South Yorkshire. Gangs of peasants would leap out into the road, such as it was, shouting, 'Ay up, give us your pies' in a threatening manner causing the Pie herds to abandon their precious pies and trudge back to Leicestershire, muttering 'yall rit me duck' to each other.

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