Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Back in the valley

Black tailed Godwit - Cliff pool, Kingsbury

Black tailed Godwit

Wednesday 9th September 2009

After all the excitement of Jan's birthday it was time to relax in the valley. Having not been there for some while I was playing catch up. To be honest there wasnt an awful lot of catching up to do. There were a couple of Black tailed Godwits on Cliff pool. I took the long walk up the canal. At Fisher's mill there were more people than birds. I had high hopes for Fishers Mill this autumn but reed planting, high water levels, weeds and human activity have minimised the suitability for waders.
I moved on up to the Drayton Bassett pits. On the way I had a rarity. A cyclist who was prepared to stop to let me pass - I called him through, for which he thanked me. There is hope for mankind. In mountain biking, birding and every other human activity people are divided into those who have good manners and those who don't.
At Drayton Bassett there was one Redshank, one Common Snipe, one Green Sandpiper, a Peregrine and a Hobby.

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