Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Red footed Falcon, Breaston,Derbys.

Red footed Falcon, 1st summer female - Breaston, Derbys.

Tuesday 22nd June 2011

News of a 1st summer female Red footed Falcon at Breaston near Long Eaton, Derbys. had me foot footing it up the M42 just after lunch. The Sat Nav took me to the start of a footpath but it didnt tell me which direction to head in. Inevitably I took the wrong one just as the heavens opened I wasnt the only one to make the silly mistake or to get wet. Anyone thinking of going if the bird sticks around, should take the path (Nomad way) parallel to the road for 400 yards to just beyond the stables. Its a delightful bird, not an adjective often used to describe raptors but this is a real charmer.I'm sure there will be some amazing photos around in due course but in the meantime I'll post a few of mine.


  1. Another great tick under your belt Bob,great looking bird.
    lovely images.

  2. does anyone know if the bird is still there? please email me a note at since I am coming over from the US. Thanks.