Monday, 6 June 2011

White throated Robin, Hartlepool

White throated Robin, Hartlepool headland, Cleveland
Monday 6th June 2011

I'm sure Ive been in this situation before but bare with me. I get a phone call whilst in the middle of morning ablusions so I'm dashing about with my trousers round my ankles and various bits of paper in my hand looking for the phone. I didnt know it was about a twitch but all the calls I've had over the last week have been important. Anyway it was John Terry informing me of the White throated Robin in Cleveland and suggesting we got moving. So we did. Thanks to some excellent directions from Tony Sheherd who was 40 minutes ahead of us we found the Bowling Club and as we pulled up the crowd were clearly focussed on the bird. With people giving the position of the bird I wrestled with my Tripod as the bird flew into some gardens surrounded my a high wall. We were reassured the bird had done this before and returned to the bushes at the edge of the bowling green. You couldn't but curse and think if only you'd got there a minute earlier. The minutes ticked by, if only we hadn't done this or that. No worries, people the other side of the green were looking at something. Thats it, the bird ran between the bushes and then stopped in full view before disappearing into the garden again. Brilliant with no need to resort to peeking over garden walls.