Sunday, 8 April 2012

A very Good Friday

Friday 6th April 2012
Anyday you see a bird you've never seen before is a good day. Even if its a Gull and even if its not a proper species. Debate will rage as to the status of Thayer's Gull but as gulls go the juvenile frequenting various fields around Brigg, Lincolnshire was an interesting bird and well worth seeing. Tony Shepherd and Neil Howes picked me up on the M69 and we travelled north. The bird had been showing since early morning on the Friday and we'd had regular updates as we approached the area. A group of cars on the side of the road indicated we were in the right sort of area but as some birders we getting back into their cars and driving off we decided to follow them it was a good move, we passed several birders who were on foot trying to be somewhere else but we carried on and ended up down a farm track where another group of cars were parked up. We could see a group of Gulls in an adjacent grassy field and a 2oo yard jog/walk took us to the viewing point. The Thayer's was sitting in the grass facing away but soon started to walk around before preening giving excellent views for 20 minutes or so before taking off with the flock and slowly circling above us and drifting away. Outstanding. All we want now is for an American Herring Gull to be as obliging.

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