Thursday, 19 April 2012

Black winged Stilts reach the Midlands

Common Tern, Shustoke Res
Thursday 19th April 2012
Is there anything more irritating than shopping in M&S with your wife in Tamworth when the pager tells you there are a couple of Black winged Stint just up the A5 at Clayhanger Marsh. I mean, all those wonderful clothes to look at and touch, the wonderful experience of wandering around the endless aisles of tops and bottoms, ladies and gents unmentionables and lots of other stuff you dont really need but M&S devotees will buy them anyway. I would have to leave all this to stand in a muddy swamp in the pouring rain to see a couple of overshoots from southern Europe. But then as a birder you've got to make sacrifices sometimes. I found the 'swag' more by luck than Sat Nav and joined a small group of local birders admiring the birds at quite close range. The brown tinged backs of the birds indicating they were probably immatures.There was also a summer plummaged Black tailed Godwit on site which I almost overlooked in my haste to see the Stilts. If the birds are still there today its advisable to take Wellington boots as the path are very wet and muddy.

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