Sunday, 30 December 2012

A local walk

It has seemed an age since I went out  Birding. Actually its probably only a week but just seems like a long time. Managed a couple of hours today though on a local walk along the river Anker towards Atherstone. Not a huge number of birds but enough to make it interesting and keep you on your toes. The weather was pleasant and it wasnt too long before I encountered 3 Goldcrests including one particularly bright individual which disappeared before I could get a good look at it. There were small groups of thrushes, mainly Redwing, in the tree tops and a Grey Wagtail flew up from the swollen river. As I approached Mancetter a couple of Tree sparrows were a nice find as was a solitary Yellowhammer but generally the hedges were pretty quiet. On the way back a noisy Peregrine attracted attention and pairs of Stock doves were laying an early claim to nest boxes in several trees. I couldnt delay any longer though, hopefully my flat roof would have dried sufficiently to allow me to attempt to carry out some much needed repairs.