Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Ever heard of the Royal Teens?

Tuesday 16th July 2013
A rather more dignified bit of birding in the Tame valley today, some might say boring but I prefer dignified. Any excitement was provided by a Tufted Duck with 8 or so ducklings crossing the fast A 4091 near Bodymoor Heath. Pleased to report all the family survived the crossing, and then, as if that wasnt enough excitement, a Munjac raced across the road in front of me near the entrance to Kingsbury Water park. Highlights of the morning's birdwatching were 2 Green Sandpipers on the mud at Middleton Hall lake, at least one Ringed plover, several Little ringed plovers and a Little Egret at Jubilee wetlands, RSPB and a Kingfisher and at least 9 juvenile Common tern on Cliff pool, Kingsbury Water Park.
PS I am now the proud owner of a brand new pair of M&S shorts.

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