Sunday, 15 December 2013

Futile attempt to add Parrot Crossbill to the Midlands list.

Saturday 14th December 2013
Another day, another venture to the extremities of the Midlands for a new bird. I was close to overdosing on Parrot Crossbills have seen them in Kent and Norfolk recently but the lure of a Midlands tick was too great to ignore.
Having parked up in Budby village we: Dave Abbott and Steve Lister and myself walked the mile to the assembled birders on the heath. The birds had been seen an hour or so before but no sign since then. A familiar scenario. Timed passed, but with the distraction of a nearby Great grey Shrike it was no problem to wait
 Great grey Shrike, Budby Common, Notts.
Until the nomadic urge to go find the Crossbills took over that is. Big mistake. It's cost me before (Black Stork in Scotland and Azure tit in Finland come to mind) and no doubt it will cost me again. In the short time I was away not only had The Parrot Crossbills appeared they had come down to drink a matter of a few yards from the assembled birders, walkers, curious onlookers etc. Aargh.

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