Friday, 22 August 2014


A few images from a non birding break on the Somerset/Dorset border. After the Birdfair it was off to the depths of rural England for a visit to see some long time friends. It was a cultural/social visit rather than a birding trip but the bins were never far away just in case.
On our first full day we all went to Ham Hill Country Park with fantastic views across the South Somerset North Dorset countryside. After a bit of a walk we found ourselves at a pub, would you believe it? In fact this became something of a trend.Walk, Beer, Beer, Walk. or the other way round.
Day 2 we went to the seaside: beach, picnic, walk, beer, walk.
Day 3 the men went to Cadbury Castle for a bit of Iron Age culture and you guessed it a beer while the ladies went shopping. We also saw a few birds; Raven, Nuthatch, Wheatear, Coal tit, Green Woodpecker, Blackcap and Willow/Chiffs.
Could be the Scillies
View from Ham Hill
A pub
Old Harry
More Beer
Strange goings on, on Cadbury Castle

Strange goings on indeed, walking round the top of this former Hill top settlement we came upon a group of people involved in some sort of ritual. The leader spoke in Spanish and the ritual involved facing south and holding up feathers and later blowing bubbles. We left them to it, speculating on might they might do next and what it all meant.
Wheatear nr Rimpton, Somerset
Another garden visitor

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