Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The race is on.

Tuesday 5th August 2014
Well the race is on - me versus the garden. At the moment the garden is way out in front, despite my best efforts. Local birding doesnt help. Keeping tabs on the 'patch' and having a couple of gooduns turn up in the County (well almost in the county) takes time. I could be pruning, clipping, mowing etc instead of trying to photograph local Redstarts. There are a few major projects too, such as re re felting the shed roof. I know I've got to get it done before autumn migration gets into full swing so I've got to crack on but I know who's going to win in the end.
Common Redstart, Nr. Alvecote pools - always a pleasure
Juvenile Green Woodpecker
Little Egret, one of 6 on site
Always time for a quick look round Alvecote pools.

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