Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A dog called Jack

Wednesday 22nd July 2015

Now call me a grumpy old man but some things do annoy me. Yesterday it was fly-tipping on my Caldecote walk and today dog owners in the countryside. Before I go any further I should say some dog owners, probably a very small proportion but today I saw at best a very silly dog owner. The person who will be sexless released the two large dogs on entering the field I was in checking for migrants. The field is used as pasture for both Sheep and cattle. Not surprisingly on seeing the small herd of curious Bullocks the dogs or at least one of them went crazy. The shouts of 'Jack' rang out, the shouts ranged from appeals to the dogs better nature in a pleading tone to threatening screams of panic induced hysteria. I couldn't see what the dogs were doing but I did see the rather large person climb a barbed wire fence into the next crop field presumably in pursuit of Jack. The Bullocks looked on in apparent amazement or perhaps it was indifference anyway they just looked on as cows do. Luckily for me I'd pretty much finished my mini patch walk. If I was just starting then I really would have been grumpy. Nothing to report on the bird front except Chiffchaff and a single juvenile Bullfinch.
Earlier in the day,before the rain, I went to Alvecote. There was a Little ringed Plover on Mill pool and a Redstart in hedges on the Staffordshire side.

Little ringed Plover, Mill pool Alvecote

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