Sunday, 2 August 2015

Mid summer Birding continued

Sunday 2nd August 2015

Sorry the blogs have deteriorated to weekly summaries but there's not much point in wittering on when there's not a lot to witter about. Done the usual rounds this week : Alvecote, Bentley, Kingsbury, Shustoke, Coton etc. with a couple of trips to Brandon Marsh.
Shustoke produced the'Bird of with week', an adult Dunlin ( says it all really). While Brandon had a couple of Hobby and 3 Green Sands. Common Sands continue to pass through with at least 3 at Shustoke Res. this week.
Dunlin, Sustoke Res.


Common Sandpiper, Shustoke

Spotted Flycatcher

Green Sandpiper, Brandon Marsh
and finally - it seems Severn Trent Water are running out of patience with those few but persistent dog walkers who refuse to adhere to the rules and let their dogs roam freely, even in some cases encouraging their animals into the water. This spy in the sky can apparently be easily adapted to vapourise persistent offenders, the dogs that is, vapourising their owners would require an act of parliament I understand.

We're watching you !

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