Sunday, 16 October 2016

The camaraderie of Birding

Sunday 16th October 2016

Over the past two weeks I've been very fortunate to see some great birds. The strong Easterly winds have brought a bonanza of rare and eagerly awaited species to Britain. The reactions of the birding fraternity has been as interesting as the birds. Below is a record of observations over the past fortnight in order:

1. A broad grin                Brown Shrike -                 Shetland

2. Gasp of disbelief         Lanceolated warbler         Shetland

3. Firm handshake           Siberian Accentor             Easington

4. Pat on the back            Yellow browed Warbler   Warwickshire

5. High five- 1 hand         Siberian Thrush               Shetland
6. High five- 2 hands                       "                                "

7. High five- 2 hands with jump     "                                 "  

8. A hug                             undisclosed

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