Monday, 10 October 2016

The Shetland Isles, Great week but no Cigar - Part 1

Sat 1st Oct. - Sat 8th Oct.2016

Another great week on Shetland. Didn't manage to photograph the rarer species ( they were too close),but got a few shots of some of the more regular Shetland birds.

Sunset from our accommodation

Common Rosefinch

Lapland Bunting

Rose coloured Starling

Yellow browed Warbler, Quendale

Snipe, Aith

Brambling, Norwick, Unst

A week of good days and very good days, On the good days it was generally windy with few new birds found and involved a good deal of driving around. On the very good days there were plenty of new birds to be found and the weather was excellent. On our first very good day we had an extremely close encounter with a confiding Lanceolated warbler and saw 4 Killer whales to make a memorable day. We also had a very good day on Unst. Having seen most of our targets; Little Bunting, Bluethroat, Red breasted Flycatcher and Lapland Bunting we met another team checking out a field next to a small wood. We were spreading out to cover the field when an excited shout went up...........

( part 2 follows shortly)

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