Saturday, 16 July 2011

Gutter Press

Common Tern, Kingbury Water Park

Common Tern
Common Tern
Common Tern

Feeding time

Barn Owl

Common Shrew, freshly dead

Saturday 16th July 2013

Found myself in the gutter on Thursday but had a much better day birding in the Tame valley yesterday but more of that later. How did I come to end up in the gutter? Well, all you need is a very powerful dog, Boxer, American Bulldog sort of thing, first aid kit, attractive lady distributing free newspapers and a trolley. Actually the attractive lady is optional but something that produces an unexpected noise next to you is important. You've probably sussed out what happened already: lady approaches, trolley makes noise, dog bolts, hits me, me lands in gutter after a bit of spontaneous gymnastics, minor injuries ensue, lots of sympathy from newspaper distributor.

Really enjoyed a dog free walk around bits of the Tame valley, even with a sprained wrist I managed a few photos. It was a very warm day in the sun and Butterflies were plentiful, Gatekeepers were particularly plentiful in some areas. Highlights among the birds on show was a Greenshank seen and heard in flight to verify the ID, a Redshank, Greater black backed gull, Green Woodpecker and Barn Owl. Having commented on the lack of Common tern breeding activity at Kingsbury Water Park it was nice to watch a pair of Common tern fledglings being fed on the small island in front of the main hide.


  1. Beautiful images of the Terns Bob.

  2. Nice Tern shots, no pics of "attractive newspaper lady" ?