Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Emperor's New clothes, or the Great(er) Greenshank fiasco

Greenshank, Daventry Country Park - viewed from a sensible distance !
Wednesday 13th July 2011

I'd been thinking about it for sometime, getting to grips with the wilderness bit of the back garden. A nature corner is all well and good if you can actually see anything. No something had to go and today was the day to do it. I'd got as far as finding the extension cable for the saw when the dreaded Mega alert went off. Please not Scotland again. Oh joy, a Greater Yellowlegs just down the road. A Midlands tick was well worth postponing the tree surgery for. There were a great many familiar faces at Daventry reservoir when I arrived all studying the Yellowlegs which was in company with a couple of Black tailed Godwits. A steady stream of Midlands birders joined the throng along with a sprinkling of 'Suits' who obviously had business meetings in the area. Everyone was happy they had got to grips with what is a very rare visitor to the UK, let alone the Midlands. Even some of the most notable twitchers around didnt immediately question the ID. We all saw what we wanted to see. A lesson learnt? I doubt it.

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