Thursday, 28 July 2011

Drama on the A5

Juvenile Willow warbler, Broomey Croft, Kingsbury
Juvenile Chiffchaff, good numbers of juveniles around the pools at Kingsbury W P including Blackcaps, Garden warblers, Common Whitethroats and Treecreeper

Purple Hairstreak


Little Egret

Thistle seeds, signs of early Autumn? - with many Wasps in some hides and abundant Blackberries around.

Drama on the A5

'Needs a bit of a paint job '

Thursday 28th July 2011

It had been a tranquil day: counting Mute Swans at Coton (159), looking for Butterflies and Dragonflies along the canal at Kingsbury, watching another Little Egret using different fishing techniques in the crystal clear waters of the only bit of Cliff pool that isnt carpeted in algae and eating a superb ham/salad Baguette at the Cedars cafe,Lea marston. Then the drive home via my Dads place. First some prat tries to write me off going round Dunton island and then I get to spectate at a car fire which blocked the A5 at Grendon. Some might say it was the most exciting event of the day. Nah, I'll stick with finding a Purple Hairstreak, more than enough excitement for me.


  1. lovely Purple Hairstreak Bob.

  2. Great Willow warbler juvenile shot.Nice environment.