Sunday, 11 December 2011

Blue Birds

Roller, Cyprus
Little green Bee-eater , Israel
Kingfisher, Brandon Marsh

White headed Duck, Turkey

Blue cheeked Bee-eater, Turkey

Palestine Sunbird

Jay, Lesbos

Blue Rock Thrush, Morocco

Blue headed Wagtail, Cyprus

Azure Tit, Finland

Red flanked Bluetail, Shetland Isles

Sunday 11th December 2011

Continueing the theme of the colour Blue, I've dug out a few images of 'blue' birds to brighten up a fairly dull December day.


  1. They are all wonderful to see... and yes you have brightened up my day..
    I have the "blues" no more.

  2. Stunning set Bob,love the White Headed Duck.

  3. Hi John and Sue, I've watching you're adventures but been unable to contact you through the 'comments'.Hope this works so I can wish you a Very happy Christmas