Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Doors, floors and a Drake Smew

Smew,Middleton Lakes RSPB, Staffs.


Wednesday 7 th December 2011

Not much time for birding today, had to supervise the laying of the flooring in the kitchen. When I say supervise I mean I was there. Have I already bored everyone with the Saga of our kitchen? Its worth a blog of its own. I will just tell you the latest episode though, the bit before the flooring was put down. The idea was to have a new kitchen door and while we were at it a new front door as well. Well when the doors came they were the wrong way round. The house number, knocker etc. what they call in the trade the furniture was on the inside. I kid ye not. I mean I know where I live, at least most of the time if you dont count Thursdays, so whats the game. I give up. Just dont mention home improvements at the moment. One day it will all be alright, I hope. Anyway did manage a mini bird at Middleton Lakes on the way to Sutton Coldfield. The drake Smew was in evidence and the 3 Dunlin were seen in flight with flocks of Lapwing and Golden plover.

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