Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Birds of Cyprus 2012

Tuesday 22nd May 2012
After the excitement of yesterday it was time for a reality check on a local patch at Caldecote and the realisation that flood/wet meadows are just that, wet. So being inappropriately shod I got my feet wet. No probs I just sat in the sun watching sheep munch by and dangled my socks in the sun to dry. A few Stock doves flew about and a pair of Great spotted Woodpeckers busied themselves taking food to a nest but not alot else happened. I decided my socks weren't going to dry sufficiently so I aborted the rest of the walk. But despair ye not, I still have a few (hundred) images from Cyprus to post.
Purple Heron
Collared Pratincole, Mandria
Spur winged Plover
Spur winged plover
Sardinian warbler
Temminck's Stint, Phasori

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