Thursday, 28 June 2012

Making the best of it.

Thursday 28th June 2012
Well its official I'm a dam site better at finding pubs than birds. Went up to New Brighton yesterday for a coffee and chat as it turned out. No sign of the Little Swift but then you kinda knew that before you left. I basically fancied a day out after commitments and lousy weather earlier in the week. I didnt 'need'  Little Swift but I like to have a couple of sightings at least of 'rares' on my lists. Anyway, to be positive it was a nice sunny day, nice views of the Wind turbines around Liverpool docks, cup of tea (not coffee) at Morrisons, and an in depth, wide ranging discussion with Bernard Smith. Oh, and as if that wasnt enough there was a car fire near Corley services on the M6. Going for a pint of Goats Milk at the Church End Brewery tonight, lets hope that doesnt disappear before I get there but last confirmed sighting (and tasting) was last Sunday.

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