Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Spotted Flycatcher
Now theres lucky. I nearly creosoted the garden shed today ( I nearly do quite a few things in the garden, and the house come to think of it) but theres always something more important to do. If I had used preservative of some kind then the Dark/Grey Dagger wouldnt have settled on it (the shed) for the day. I havent been running a trap so it was good to see a moth in the daytime I might do a bit if it warms up there are obviously a few moths about. There were a couple of bats over the garden at dusk yesterday which was good to see. Not many Butterflies about though. Didnt see one today walking over the huge Wheat fields near Austrey but they were spraying pesticides. As for birdlife there was quite alot of activity particularly in the hedges with Reed Buntings particularly numerous, but Linnet, Yellowhammer, Common Whitethroat, Lesser Whitethroat and Skylark with a pair of Corn Buntings flying over were noted.
The highlight of visits earlier in the week to more local sites had been 3 Spotted Flycatchers but there has been no sign on subsequent visits. Visiting the Tame valley mud didnt produce any 'nice little surprises' There was a whole lot 'o loafin going on though with Black headed gulls and Common tern waiting for water levels to stabilize as most of the breeding islands have been submerged several times already this month. Plenty of Reed warblers taking advantage of the Reed planting at Fishers Mill and Cuckoos taking advantage of the Reed warblers.

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