Monday, 4 February 2013

Draycote Water

Monday 4th February 2013
Sparrowhawk in the garden tree
Sparrowhawk with prey
Sparrowhawk, in the garden Fancied a change of scenery so ventured to Draycote Water this morning. There is a good deal of work going on there at the moment and the water level is very high. It was also pretty wild, the Smew was being tossed about in the waves and the few windsurfers were having a great time, I think. Even in a strong wind it must get a bit boring going backwards and fowards,backwards and fowards till your arms ache and then you have a rest and then go backwards and fowards again! Mind you it wasnt exactly exhilarating birdwatching. The 2 Black necked Grebes were nowhere to be seen and there were very few ducks. Goldeneye numbered 20+ and there was a small flock of Wigeon. Birds of the day were a Raven and a few Tree sparrows near the new feeder.
Smew surfing at Draycote Water,Warks.

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