Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Fancy a Sausage Roll ?

Tuesday 9th April 2013
On the way to Shustoke Res. I took a bit of a detour around the lanes near Hurley.Two reasons: one to pick up my lunch, a pastie from Gales Farm shop and two, to check out the fields and hedge lines for Ring Ouzels. As yesterday, results were disappointing. The pie shop was closed. However, a charming lady obviously saw my puzzled expression as I stared at the sign which gave the opening times for Fri, Sat. and Sunday only and offered to go and get me something. I walked away much wiser and with a jumbo Sausage roll for lunch. As for the Ring Ouzel, well there are an awful lot of fields and hedges.
Moving on to Shustoke Res. the Kittiwake was still there and the Lesser spotted Woodpecker had been showing well although I didn't see it myself. A Peregrine flew over Nether Whitacre and the Long tailed Ducks seem to have moved on to Dosthill N.R. Another group of Sand Martin flew through Ski centre but no sign of the Bearded tit.


  1. Hi Bob
    Where's the best place for the LSW? Thanks

  2. Was at the East end of the main lake, in the Alders between the 2 pools.Cant be more specific than that as I didnt see it myself.