Friday, 2 August 2013

Night Heron in Leicestershire

Thursday 1st August 2013
August already eh. Oh well. I took a leisurely drive across into Leicestershire through a succession of villages to Thornton reservoir. It was a lovely morning to be birding although the temperature increased steadily through out the day. A short walk around the NW arm of the reservoir to the other side allowed a view of the 2s Night Heron on the far bank among the willows some 2 feet off the water. Not the best view ever but another interesting bird in a summer of interesting birds. By mid afternoon it was uncomfortably hot and a walk round the Caldecote patch was probably not a good idea. The birds had more sense and apart from a handful of Yellow wagtails and 'thousands' of Wood pigeons were keeping under cover. One good thing about the walk though was that I'd worked up a good thirst for a beer at the Brewery tap.
Larva of Sycamore Moth on drive
Distant view of Night Heron in Willows at Thornton Res. Leics.

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  1. Hello Bob, I managed to see said bird last week following my visit to your blog, thanks for posting. I also managed some photos too which I have posted on my blog.