Thursday, 15 August 2013

Two Barred Crossbills, Broomhead Res.,Nr Stocksbridge, S.Yorks

Thursday 15th August 2013
Two Barred Crossbill
Two barred Crossbill
Two barred Crossbill
Having arrived at the car parking area on the edge of Broomhead Reservoir around late morning I was met with the rather gloomy news that the Crossbills hadnt been seen since 7.30am. Imagine the relief when after a short walk I met the main body of Birders all looking up and giving various directions. I joined in and it wasnt too long before I'd focussed on a juvenile Two barred. A matter of seconds later several Crossbills flew off  but there were several still in the tops of the Larches. I moved round to try and get the sun behind me. Luckily I stood next to a bloke who was giving directions to a male Two barred. He had it in the scope and kindly let me have a look. Wow.What a view. I hesitate to use the word stunning but this bird certainly was. The remainder of the flock suddenly got up and disappeared not to reappear for an hour or so. This was a regular pattern though, the birds would disappear for quite lengthy spells but would return to the area with the feeding station sooner or later.


  1. hi bob, may be in Sheffield next week and hoping to look for the crossbills. Whereabout is the feeding station at the reservoir? Any info appreciated. Bob Swann (

  2. Hi Bob,

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