Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hume's Yellow browed Warbler- first for Warwickshire

I  was admiring yet more furniture (will it never end) when the call came through. Probable Yellow browed warbler at Hams Hall. Salvation. The shop assistant was left open mouthed as I ushered Jan to the door explaining that we would have to come again another day. Having dropped Jan off at home it was all haste to Hams Hall. Even if it wasnt a Hume's, a Yellow browed would be a nice County tick. I was surprised when I arrived to find no cars on the bridge at Edison Road. Having parked up it was a quick walk to the river bridge where I met Dave Hutton. Having tried to keep track of the bird Dave was relieved other birders were starting to arrive but it was another 20 minutes before the bird reappeared and  gave decent views.
Hume's Yellow browed warbler, Hams Hall
 Birders continued to arrive as the bird moved into an area of dense Brambles calling frequently and more occasionally showing. Many thanks to Dave Hutton for getting news of his find out so quickly allowing the hard core of West Midlands birders to enjoy a National rarity.

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