Wednesday, 22 January 2014

In search of the Grey Partridge

Tuesday 22nd January 2014
Having failed to see a Grey Partridge locally last year. I made a more determined effort this year. Having already scoured local fields of winter wheat with no success it was time to get serious and check out the Wishaw area on the boundary between Warwickshire and the West Mids. Finding the birds was easier than expected. They were paired off and 3 pairs were seen 2 pairs in the wheat and one pair in a stubble field.
Grey Partridge 
A pair of Grey Patridge
Grey Partridge
Peregrine, Wishaw
At Ladywalk N.R. the first singing Song thrush was seen and at the Sewage outfall at Hams Hall there were 3 Chiffchaff.


  1. Bob, I am really interested in seeing Grey Partridge, it would be A LIFE-TIME FIRST. Are there any particular lanes/ fields in the Wishaw area that you would recommend? Thanks

    1. Hi, At the moment the stubble fields west of the Cock at Wishaw pub heading towards Curdworth seem to be the best bet.