Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A good day's Birding in North Warwicks.

23rd April 2014
Started the day at Middleton Lakes and was delighted to be met by a Glossy Ibis flying over Fishers Mill towards Middleton Hall. I didnt have to go too far before the next Magic moment. As I walked round Fishers Mill pool I could hear Sedge warbler. Keen to see a new bird for the year I waited for it to come up and show. I focussed on a small area of dead Reed stems. The Sedge continued to sing but remained in cover. Eventually a bird did appear but had no supercilium and a rounded tail. I couldn't believe it, a Grasshopper warbler feeding just a few feet away. I did see a Sedge warbler a little later but getting such a good look at a Gropper was the main event. Not much else around the Wetland trail but I did get another view of the Glossy Ibis as it flew south from Fishers Mill towards Kingsbury Water Park. Other good birds during the rest of the day included a Cuckoo, Lesser spotted Woodpecker and Arctic tern.

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