Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Cape Verde - Day 3

We had a full day on Santiago, an airport free day. A day to look for more of Cape Verde's special birds. First on the Menu was the Cape Verde warbler but on the way to a known site we saw a couple of Buzzards. Very similar to Common Buzzard but a sub-species endemic to Cape Verde. At the Botanical gardens there were many Blackcaps, Waxbills and our sought after Cape Verde warbler.
Cape Verde Warbler, Santiago
We moved on to the reservoir again and found a Spotted Crake. With very few records in recent times this was a good find by the group.
Spotted Crake
After checking through the Egrets and Herons we moved on to some coastal cliffs and were rewarded with some stunning views of Red billed Tropicbird.
Red billed Tropicbird
Red billed Tropicbird
Red billed Tropicbird

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  1. WOW!!! What a trip!!! I hope you were able to hang out in Praia for a bit......cool downtown area. Plus have some of that cachupa:)