Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Kuwait, Dec.2014 - Part 1

Sat. 29th November 2014
Took a direct flight from Heathrow to Kuwait City, travelling with John Holtham. This was my second visit to Kuwait and the short taxi ride to our hotel in the city centre reminded me of the often chaotic traffic made worse by the massive construction projects throughout the city. We met up with the third member of our group and our Finnish guide early the next morning and drove out to Green island, a public park next to the Gulf. One of the 'winter' birds I'd missed on the spring trip was Grey Hypocolius and this was the most likely spot to see them. We didnt have to wait too long before we got our first tick but the other 'banker', Red-vented Bulbul proved more elusive.It was also a good site for Pallid Swift, Common and Bank Mynas. In the afternoon we went to Jahra Reserve, an area of shallow pools and reed beds. It was a place we would visit on several occasions and produced a good variety of species. On our first trip we saw a variety of ducks,waders, Purple Swamphen, Marsh Harrier and both Common and White throated Kingfishers. The nearby coastal mudflats contains huge numbers of waders including Broad billed and Terek Sandpipers with good numbers of Lesser and Greater Sandplovers. There was a plentiful supply of Mud Skippers which attracted large numbers of Grey and Western Reef Herons. Caspian, Lesser crested and Gull billed Terns were also seen.
Grey Hypocolius
Grey Hypocolius - female
Grey Hypocolius
Common Myna
Kuwait City from Green Island
Pallid Swift
Kuwait City from Jahra
Mud Skipper, awaiting its fate !
Western Reef Heron with Mud Skipper meal.
Purple Swamphen

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